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John Jensen John Jensen - CEO

John Jensen founded CambridgeCommerce in 1999 to serve the payment processing needs of his clients. He learned attention to detail when he worked as a CPA for Deloitte, then teamwork and customer service as a US regional manager for NCR. Add creativity to the above experience and you have the elements that have helped shape the philosophy and results of the CambridgeCommerce brand.

Travis Gomez Travis Gomez - Sales Manager

Travis Gomez has been an integral part of the growth and development of CambridgeCommerce since 2001. His roles with us have grown from underwriting, client service, sales, to management. His dedication to our clients and their satisfaction embodies the very core of our philosophy.

Paula Berghaus Paula Schmidt - Customer Service Manager, eChecks

Paula Schmidt has been with CambridgeCommerce since its inception in 1999. Paula specializes in eChecks and manages customer service for eCheck accounts. She also oversees the account boarding process for eCheck and merchant account clients. Her attention to detail and problem solving abilities are an asset to the CambridgeCommerce team.

Stacey Bates Stacey Bates - Customer Service Manager, Merchant Accounts

Stacey Bates has been overseeing the customer service for our merchant account division since joining CambridgeCommerce in 2006. She spends her time working directly with merchants and reviewing accounts for any potential problems that may arise and dealing with them proactively. Stacey also researches the constantly changing merchant account industry so that she can educate merchants on any changes that may affect them.

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