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Merchant Accounts

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Tracking chargebacks is one thing, proactively and systematically doing something about them is quite another.
At CambridgeCommerce, we not only track chargebacks by reason code, we have several proactive solutions to:

  • red flag or block consumers who pose a higher chargeback risk
  • convert chargebacks into refunds
  • protect clients from chargebacks using Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode
  • reduce chargeback rates by modifying scripts & marketing
  • prevent chargebacks using special processing codes & methods

These are just a few options we provide for reducing chargebacks.

Ask us for a copy of our Top 10 ways to reduce chargebacks for the Direct Response and Ecommerce industries.

Every decline may represent lost revenue.  As such, CambridgeCommerce continually develops and enhances tools and strategies to maximize the clearance of valid transactions while eliminating the most fraud.  In addition, we have special coding that can reduce future declines if you are a multi-pay marketer. Let us assist you in keeping the sales that are rightfully yours.

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