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Merchant Accounts

- Merchant Services
- Multi-Platform Performance
- Recurring Billing
- Fraud Prevention
- Chargeback Reduction
- Decline Improvement
- Prepaid Gift Card Detection
- Cutting Edge Technology
- Security Preservation
- On-line Reporting
- Non-Standard Payments
- Value Pricing

On-line reporting: pertinent data, importable reports, searchable database, summary data, comparative data, problem solving information, chargeback analysis, decline management codes, chargeback reason codes, fee summary, cash reconciliation information, soft decline reason codes…

At CambridgeCommerce we know what information and data our clients need in order to quickly and completely understand their business.  We provide that information in a timely and efficient manner.  Our reports are easy to use and understand.  In addition to providing best-in-class reporting, CambridgeCommerce analyzes each of our client’s reports on a regular basis and provides feedback on how to make improvements. 

CambridgeCommerce is a leader in non standard payments with top notch clearance and reporting. We provide everything from all 4 forms of ACH processing with fast clearance to new tools like Bill Me Later and Paypal. For more detailed information on our ACH services, click here. If you are interested in using Bill Me Later or Paypal just give us a call.

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