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The way we approach business with our clients is the backbone of our success and why our clients stay with us year after year. The approach we take to working with our clients, the passion that we exude to provide them with the products and services needed to help them thrive, and the care we take to make sure they always run at top efficiency are an outgrowth of our philosophy.

How do we define our philosophy?

We like to summarize it in a few simple words: partnership, service, value and success.

CambridgeCommerce was founded in 1999 when a retail client informed us they needed a new way to take payments from consumers. Like many others, they wanted to stop shipping COD orders. Although this problem seems like an issue from the ’60s, it was in fact a problem for many companies less than a decade ago.

The client mentioned above is Cabela’s Sporting Goods. We created a payment processing solution for them using eChecks back in 1999, before they were a public company. They are still our client today.

Since the beginning we have focused on all forms of Card Not Present sales, and we continue to do so today. With our customer service philosophy and a solutions oriented start, we continue to grow through our emphasis on partnership, service and value.

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