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Merchant Accounts

- Merchant Services
- Multi-Platform Performance
- Recurring Billing
- Fraud Prevention
- Chargeback Reduction
- Decline Improvement
- Prepaid Gift Card Detection
- Cutting Edge Technology
- Security Preservation
- On-line Reporting
- Non-Standard Payments
- Value Pricing

Merchant Account processing provides you with an effective tool to collect the funds for your products and services.  CambridgeCommerce takes this simple step to a whole new level of sophistication and service.  We have studied and fine tuned every step of the merchant process chain to develop a creative, refined set of tools and proactive services that provide user friendly processing.

Our cutting edge technology allows you process payments in a way that helps you accept good sales and block fraud or other types of payments that will not meet your long term goals. Our service and attention to detail gives you the comfort and peace of knowing that we are proactively protecting your business and watching out for your interests. This includes working with all your vendors to make sure the most optimal technologies and solutions are being used to process your payments.

The net results will be higher sales, lower declines, reduced chargebacks and a smooth running back office.


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