Payment processing since 1999 that helps you grow while protecting your rights and values.

We are experienced at building sales and brands to success using partnershipservice and value. Our partnership philosophy means that we take each client’s company and its performance personally. We have a customer service team that provides high-quality proactive support to ensure that each of our clients is always running at peak performance. To us, value is not just having competitive rates and fees but also making sure that your corporate and personal values are respected while helping risk factors remain low to reduce costs.

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POS Processing
Merchant Accounts
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Our Philosophy

We view our relationship as more of a partnership than a customer-vendor relationship. We take the success and streamlining of your business seriously.

Proven Experience!


The Cambridge Commerce team responds quickly to any issue. They are available to jump on calls to outline ideal ways to set up merchant accounts and websites to be in full compliance and ensure the merchant account stays open. Great service levels all around. I would recommend this company and their solutions to anyone, because they’re easy to work with, easy to get a hold of, and truly seem to want what’s best for me as a business owner.

~ Daniel Lindsey
Limitless Ventures LLC 

If you want excellent service in the payment processing industry, you can’t go wrong with Cambridge, at all. Some agents can be very pushy and salesy, but with Cambridge and the team, I was able to have strategic input and advice for my business, putting me in control. Travis and the team provided me with excellent service and support. They were extremely helpful, kind, and informative along the entire process. 

~ Eli Cohen
Ageless Natural Beauty LLC 

Travis has always made suggestions that help our business even if there is no direct gain for him. Payment processing has always been a challenge for MOTO marketers and Travis dramatically helped us in that area with one simple idea that reduced chargebacks on recurring transactions. Travis and John were there with advice before I ever gave them any business so when I had a piece of new business they were the first call. 

~ Jeff Jackson
Nature Refined LLC 

We had issues working with Stripe and Squareup, so we moved to and it was a very outdated and confusing system to work (especially with our recurring payments). Then a friend recommended Cambridge and they made everything so easy to understand. Anytime I’ve had issues or concerns about payment processing, or even just when requesting if there are any other solutions available that can work well for us, I had the support I needed to find and decide on the best solution. Cambridge Commerce helped us set up an easy to use system which can be adapted whenever challenges arise. They allow me to stop worrying about the complex world of payment processing and focus on growing my business. 

~ Gary Torrens
Soma Breath Inc. 

Cambridge Commerce always goes the extra mile helping me out and is always looking to help me as a client. Travis has been an absolute rock star and is very resourceful in finding ways to overcome obstacles when others give up. He understands and navigates the merchant account landscape extremely well. I trust him and the team, their excellent service and have benefited greatly from their industry contacts.  

~ Kent Sayre
Goham Marketing LLC

Cambridge ALWAYS anticipated issues and advised how to solve. They greatly assisted with chargeback management and tools to maintain healthy accounts. You can’t anticipate everything, but Cambridge dramatically assisted in troubleshooting many aspects of my business and preventing problems from unfolding. Cambridge has my highest and strongest recommendation. 

~ Michael Ehrman
Wholesome Health Enterprises LLC