eCheck Services

eChecks are commonly used to refer to any transfer between bank accounts and were originally developed in the 70’s on the Automated Clearing House (ACH) platform. A LOT has changed since then. Today we support 3 major eCheck platforms:


This platform still provides one of the lowest cost eCheck platforms that supports phone, online, retail, and recurring payments. These transactions typically can take up to 5 days to clear or settle deposits into your bank account.


This platform converts paper checks into digital images and processes the transactions electronically within 1 day.


This platform supports real-time account and funds verification and near instant transfer.

Each of these solutions provides various advantages in terms of cost, speed, and system integrations. Book a call with our in-house experts to determine which solutions are best for your situation.

Clearance Rates

At Cambridge Commerce we understand that the success of eChecks is largely dependent on the clearance rate. At Cambridge Commerce, our clients average clearance rates on eChecks from phone orders in excess of 85%. Many of our competitors clear as few as 40%. Cambridge Commerce is capable of this because we have developed a platform with superior clearance, which provides our clients with the success they deserve.

Collection / NSF

Our system automatically reattempts eChecks that have been declined for insufficient funds (NSF). This means higher eCheck clearance rates and more orders approved, all with less effort on the client’s part. In addition, our clients do not have to worry about returned check letters from their bank.

Relevant Reports

Most ACH reports look like they were developed in the 70s… and most of them were. At Cambridge Commerce, we know that our clients need reports to be relevant to their needs with more than just declined reports. That’s why our system provides our clients with approved, declined and NSF reports. Our clients always know the status of orders and when to ship their product.

Real-Time Verification

Our latest eCheck development provides real-time responses similar to live authorizations on credit card transactions. This service can confirm whether or not an account is open, if it has a current positive balance, or if there is any history of bounced checks associated with a checking account – all in real-time!

Continuity Orders

Our technology is designed to accept continuity eCheck orders as well. We’ve developed a proprietary method that meets the NACHA requirements and allows continuity orders using eChecks.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting edge technology: fraud detection, instant chargeback evaluation, pre-paid gift card detection, ACH positive balance confirmation, soft decline codes, multiple platforms, the best ACH clearance in the industry… The list goes on and on and is always growing. These are just some of the technologies that Cambridge Commerce has made available to our clients to increase sales, reduce costs, prevent fraud, reduce declines and improve the overall cost effectiveness of our client’s business. We always want to hear feedback from our clients with suggestions or ideas of how business can be improved. These suggestions are what lead to new technologies. That is how we started in 1999 and how we continue to grow and improve today.