Fraud Management

Card Not Present (CNP) fraudsters invent and test new ways to defraud cardholders and online business owners every day. 

This means you need a partner who’s at the forefront of combating fraud effectively. Cambridge Commerce has designed, implemented, and consulted on the develop of some of the most sophisticated fraud prevention tools and strategies in the payment industry.

When fraud prevention strategies are poorly designed or executed, they can cost businesses dearly. Most people just think of these costs in terms of software fees or labor to manually review orders. However, the biggest costs can be from turning away legitimate customers seeking to buy your products/services.

Our team can assist you with designing strategies that can support basic tools like address verification up to device fingerprinting with fraud scoring thresholds. We even support tools that can stop or block customers from disputing or charging back on orders.

Book a call with our in-house experts to determine which solutions are best for your situation.