POS & Payment Gateways

Point of Sale (POS) systems are basically designed to securely encrypt and transmit card data from the point of sale to the payment processor.

These systems usually combine hardware and software. These systems support customer facing payments equipment that allows customer to swipe, dip, or tap their card, or enter PIN for debit transactions. In addition, they often support business facing component like: computer system (touch screen, monitor, keyboard), bar code scanner, cash drawer, and receipt printers. These systems can be as simple as a small terminal or as complex as a multi-lane system that keeps track of everything from sales reports, customer data, employee hours, inventory, and other customized functions to support your specific business needs.

POS systems can be tailored to every business type and need. We support all major equipment including Clover, Magtek, Ingenico, BBPOS, Dajavoo, PAX, EPN, Verifone, and many others.

Payment Gateways are the online equivalent to the retail POS system. Their main function is to securely encrypt and transmit card data from the point of sale (website or virtual terminal) to the payment processor. Because they systems are designed to accommodate card not-present transactions, where the risk of fraudulent transactions are significantly higher, many support or directly integrate a wide range of tools to help limit or protect against these threats to online businesses.

We support a wide range of both proprietary gateways along with 3rd party gateways including Authorize.net, NMI, Payeezy, USAePay, and many more.