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Merchant Accounts

- Merchant Services
- Multi-Platform Performance
- Recurring Billing
- Fraud Prevention
- Chargeback Reduction
- Decline Improvement
- Prepaid Gift Card Detection
- Cutting Edge Technology
- Security Preservation
- On-line Reporting
- Non-Standard Payments
- Value Pricing

Every payment platform has its limitations. Many processors tout a proprietary platform. Here at CambridgeCommerce we have taken a different approach: develop a system that connects to nearly all payment platforms. By doing this we get the best performance from each platform, resulting in the highest clearance for each card type from each card issuer.

At CambridgeCommerce, we specialize in processing effective recurring billing. There are two common problems that merchants run into with recurring billing. One is retaining customers. CambridgeCommerce works with their clients to help retain customers by suggesting ways to alter the script and offer. Making sure the consumer understands what they are signing up for is key to retaining a long term customer.

The other common problem that merchants run into with recurring payments is when a consumer’s data becomes outdated. At CambridgeCommerce we offer an automatic account updater service that can correct changes to account numbers, expiration dates, and other account information.

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