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Merchant Accounts

- Merchant Services
- Multi-Platform Performance
- Recurring Billing
- Fraud Prevention
- Chargeback Reduction
- Decline Improvement
- Prepaid Gift Card Detection
- Cutting Edge Technology
- Security Preservation
- On-line Reporting
- Non-Standard Payments
- Value Pricing

Cutting edge technology: fraud detection, instant chargeback evaluation, pre-paid gift card detection, ACH positive balance confirmation, soft decline codes, multiple platforms, the best ACH clearance in the industry…

The list goes on and on and is always growing. These are just some of the technologies that CambridgeCommerce has made available to our clients to increase sales, reduce costs, prevent fraud, reduce declines and improve the overall cost effectiveness of our client’s business. We always want to hear feedback from our clients with suggestions or ideas of how business can be improved. These suggestions are what lead to new technologies. That is how we started in 1999 and how we continue to grow and improve today.

The utilization of fraud tools is only one part of security. In addition to protecting our clients from fraudulent orders we also need to make sure their consumers are protected. This is accomplished through Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. All data must be processed and handled in a secure way so that consumers have confidence when making a purchase. At CambridgeCommerce we make each of our clients aware of the level of PCI compliance both they and their vendors need in order to store data. For more information on PCI compliance, visit www.pcisecuritystandards.org.

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