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Merchant Accounts

- Merchant Services
- Multi-Platform Performance
- Recurring Billing
- Fraud Prevention
- Chargeback Reduction
- Decline Improvement
- Prepaid Gift Card Detection
- Cutting Edge Technology
- Security Preservation
- On-line Reporting
- Non-Standard Payments
- Value Pricing

Prepaid gift cards (Visa, MC, etc.) are a common area of concern for continuity or multi-pay marketers. Implementing this new service will save our clients a lot of heartache. Prepaid gift cards are an area of growing concern because many consumers that pay with gift cards may not have thought through the fact that the gift card they are paying with will run out of funds before the term of their obligation to the marketer has. In other instances, consumers use gift cards to intentionally commit fraud. This fraud is mostly inflicted on marketers of multi-pay and continuity offers. The fraudsters use prepaid cards with just enough to clear the 1st payment.

Our platform is able to identify these card types in real-time instead of simply relying on out of date or imprecise Bank Identification Number (BIN) tables. This allows the marketer to develop business rules that outline what to do when a gift card is detected, thereby putting the marketer in control of their own business.


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